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Evaluation System.........

Evaluation of Degree Students:

Student's performance is monitored throughout the semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses.  The internal evaluation is based

on two sessional examinations, home assignments, seminars and library work. The two sessional examinations and the final semester examination are held

according to the university guidelines as per following schedule:

For I/III/V Semester:

Sessional Examination 1: September

Sessional Examination 2: November

Final Semester Examination: December 31

For Semester II/IV/VI Semester:

Sessional Examination 1: February

Sessional Examination 2: April

Final Semester Examination: To be completed by June 30.

However the exact dates of sessional examination are fixed by the college and that of the final semester examination by Controller of Examination, Gauhati University.

For Higher Secondary Classes, the continous evaluation of students and to make evaluation as an integral part of teaching learning process,the students are assess through unit test & annual examination.


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