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The college library is situated within the academic campus of the college. There are more than 17,000 volumes covering all the subjects, including books of general knowledge and reference.In addition to this, the college has subscribe to N-List where more than 97000 books and above 6000 journals are freely available for both students and faculties.  Libraries provides adequates and appropriate seating arrangement tor the users for effective use of  the library resources. But, there are ample scope for further development of the library. The new library building with 24 hours of power supply through solar energy is almost ready. The interior works is going on and within this academic session, the shifting of the library from the old location to the new one will take place with total upgradation including computerisation with latest software.The library opens for students and teachers in all working days from 9 am to 4 pm . The college library rules are framed in keeping with University Library Rules and books are catalogued as Dewy Decimal Classification System. Computerization of the college library has been done.

1. Library is for the use of both students and teachers.
2. A student may borrow two volumes of book at a time.
3. A student shall have to return a borrowed book on or before 15 days from the date of issue. If a student requires the book for more than the aforesaid period, he/she shall have to renew the book from the Library, failing which, a fine of 0.25 (twenty five) paise per day will be imposed on the borrowed till the book is returned.

Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) Study Centre and Institute of Distance Open Learning (IDOL): The college is trying its best to bring the higher education to the needy students through distant learning programmes. To fulfilled its objective, the college has KKHOU study centre through which it is presently  running courses in BPP, B.A (Major &General), Bachelor in Computer Application, Diploma in Creative Wriing in English, Certificate in Computer Applicationcourse. The Study centre held regular classes in every sunday at college premises. Similarly, the  IDOL study centre provides Post-Graduate degree in Education, Assamese, Political Science and History. 

Contact: i. Mr. Birbol Boro, Coordinator, KKHSOU Study Centre; 9435324587; email; birbolboro321@gmail.com

             ii, Dr. Harkumar Nath, Coordinator, IDOL Study Centre.: 9435001920.

Computer Facilities :

 Dudhnoi College has  a central computer centre in its campus to cater the needs of the students under the guidance of the Department of Computer Science (IT). The College has introduced B.Sc (IT) as elective subject for the degree students under Gauhati University along with Introductory Computer Science under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. The centre has the modern laboratory along with the classrooms.The college is planning to introduce a self financing course in Computer Hardware and Networking from the session 2014-15.All the departments have computer and internet facilities which can be freely use by the students.

Grievances Redressal Cell:
The college has set-up a Grievance Redressal Cell to redress the grievances of the student. Any students on matters relating to the admission irregularities, victimisation and sexual harassmentor any other matter related to the college campus can voice his/her grievances to this cell. The prime objective of the cell is to  redress the grievance promptly and judiciously. Any ones, unwillingly to appear in self , may dropped in writing  to the suggestion box to the grievances cell.

The college canteen is open for students, teachers and employees. This has been set up from the financial aid given by the teachers of the Dudhnoi College . It always tries to provide healthy, fresh and nutritive food at a reasonable price. 

Dudhnoi College has both Girl's and Boy's hostel within the College Campus. Admission to the hostel and code of conduct are governed by law as laid down in “Dudhnoi College Hostel Rules”.

The college has two girl's hostel (Old & new) and is situated within the college campus. There are altogether seventy seats (two – bedded room) available for girls. The hostel is governed under the administration of a superintendent, appointed by college authority.

The college boys' hostel is situated within the college campus. Presently, there are only  ten seats (two – bedded room) available for boys'. However, a new two storied boys' hostel with 70 seats capacity is under construction. The hostel is governed under the administration of a superintendent, appointed by college authority. 

Dudhnoi College has set up a student's career guidance cell in its campus to guide the students in selecting their careers. The main objectives of the cell is to help the students in fulfillment of their aspiration in terms of performance, satisfaction, recognition, honours, status and so on. The student's career guidance cell is governed by an Executive Committee formed by the college authority. The student's career guidance cell regularly organizes workshops, seminars, discussion etc. to help the students in selecting their academic and professional careers.

Apart from holding regular classes as scheduled in class routine, the college offers facility to the students of weaker section irrespective of caste, creed and religion to attend classes of remedial course. The date for holding classes of aforesaid course is be decided by the co-ordinator of the course.

Regular students of Rabha community of Dudhnoi College are the compulsory members of the society for which he/she shall have to pay Rs.20/- only as annual membership fee at the time of admission. The executive body of the Rabha Literary Society is duly selected once for a session and Principal is the Chairman of the society. The society annually invites renowned personality of their community to deliver lecture on their language and culture.

Regular students of Bodo community of Dudhnoi College are the compulsory members of the society for which he/she shall have to pay Rs.20/- only as annual membership fee at the time of admission. The executive body of the Bodo Literary Society is duly selected once for a session and Principal is the Chairman of the society. Like Rabha literary society, this body also organise annual lecture on their language and culture.

The prime objective of this society is to assist the students through interactive literary activities. The society also has the schemes to coach the students both in phonetical and writing avenues so that they can equip themselves to enter into the field of print or electronic media. For upliftment of the society he/she shall have to pay Rs.20/- only as annual membership fee at the time of admission. The executive body of the society is duly selected one for a session and the Principal is the Chairman of the society.

Koch Rajbongshi Literary Society: This society was newly form in the session 2014-15 to help the  Koch Rajbongshi students to work for the growth and development of the culture and literature of the community. 

Anthropological Society of Dudhnoi College has been formed in the Dept. of Anthropology with the aim and object of popularising anthropological knowledge among the students and the masses. 

Assam Science Society an NGO of Assam, has its branch in Dudhnoi College . Dudhnoi College branch has been relentlessly trying its best to spread scientific temperament among the common people of the locality. The branch regularly organizes symposia, seminars, discussions, workshops etc. in different parts of Goalpara District to dessiminate scientific knowledge. Any interest students below the age of 21 years shall be eligible to become a member of the society as per provision laid down in the bye- law of the society.

There is a branch of Assam Academic of Mathematics in the college which organizes competitive examination like Mathematical Olympiads, Mathematics etc. to uplift the mathematical knowledge of the students of college and school.

There is an extension education centre in Dudhnoi College with Principal as Chairman. The extension centret aims at exploration of knowledge and provides other institutional resources to the community and at the same time it gains insights from contacts between knowledge resources and socio-cultural realities with a view to reflect those in the entire curriculum of higher education including teaching and researches.

Dudhnoi College has a wing of Nation Service Scheme (NSS) with Mr. Prasanta Sarma as programme officer. The NSS wing of Dudhnoi College has under taken a number of social service programmes in the surrounding locality for community development including civil responsibilities among the students.

Dudhnoi College Students Union (DCSU) is formed by the true representation of the bonafide students of Dudhnoi College It works for the benefit and welfare of the students as well as of the college. The office bearers of DCSU are democratically elected by secret ballot voted for one year term. The duration of union body begins from 1 st January and ends 31 st December of the same year. The Election Commission of Dudhnoi College conducts election as per guide lines of ‘Election Conduct Rules'. The Principal of the college serves as President of the union body by virtue of his office.Besides organizing Annual College Week and Fresher Social, DCSU also regularly Publisher College Magazine and Wall Magazine which not only act as mouthpieces of Dudhnoi College , but also provide opportunities to the students for exploring creative literary talents.

The Women's Study Cell was established in the year 2005 under Women's Studies Centre, G.U. The aim of this cell is to make in depth study of various matter related to famine gender. The cell works under an advisory committee chaired by the Principal.

Dudhnoi College Teacher Association:
The Dudhnoi College Teacher Association (D.C.T.A) is one of the most important organ of the Dudhnoi College Fraternity. Since its inception, the association is trying its best to provide higher education along with moral values to the students. The association is always ready to help each and every students of the college in all possible manners with highest degree of sincerity and dignity. The duty and responsibility of the association is not limited within the college campus. The members provide all-round help and cooperation to almost all socio-cultural organisation which works for the betterment of the society.The association is known for its community service,like, holding of free eye camp for  poor people, organisation of State Level Science  Exihibition for popularising science, Mass awareness programme against witch hunting, etc. The Association also annually invites renowned personality from different areas to deliver Dilip Saha Memorial Annual D.C.T.A Lecture. 

Mission Biru Bala Cell: The college has constitute a Mission Biru Bala Cell to work for eradication of the evil practices of WITCH HUNTING that are deeply rooted in the tribal societies of the locality.