Welcome to Dudhnoi College.

Governing body of the college...

The Governing body of the college is the apex decision making and monitoring body of the college. The G.B is constituted by the Directorate of Higher Education as per Non-Government College Maintainence Act,2009, with following members:

     President : Mr. Raheswar Rabha                     M.A, Retired  Associate Professor & Former HOD, Department of Assamese,
                                                                               Habraghat Mahavidyalaya

     Secretary :  Dr. Lalit Ch Rabha                         Principal, Dudhnoi College

     Members :

     1. Dr.Harkuma Nath                                           Vice Principal (Ex-Officio)

     2 Prof. K.G.Battacharyya,                                  Vice Chancellor’s Nominee
        Ret. Prof.  In Chemistry ,Gauhati University

     3.Prof. B.K.Medhi,                                            Vice Chancellor’s Nominee
       Ret. Prof.  In Anthropology, Gauhati University

     4.Mrs. Minati Sarma,                                        Donor Member
       Ret. Prof.  In Philosophy, Dudhnoi College

     5.Dr.Tapan Kalita                                             Teachers’ Representative
        Associate professor Deptt.of Zoology

     6. Dr.Abul Hossain                                           Teachers’ Representative
        Associate professor & HoD, Deptt.of Chemistry

     7. Ms Parul Roy                                                Guardians’ Representative

    8. Mr. Premananda Khakhalary,                         Non Teaching Staff s’ Representative, Dudhnoi College
         SA,  Dudhnoi College


President, GB