Welcome to Dudhnoi College.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

To develop realistic and attainable quality benchmarks for the academic activities and administrative activities of the college, the College has an  IQA Cell, as per direction of NAAC & UGC.

The " IQAC "of the College has following members:

Chairman : Dr. Gopal Phukan (Principal)

Co-ordinator : Dr. Monoj Gogoi, Associate Professor, HoD Anthropology

Joint Co-Ordinator :
                    Mr. Dibakar Nath, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
                    Mr.Rupjyoti Mazumder, Assistant Professor, Department of English.

Teachers' Representative:

                   Ms. Waheeda Begum, Vice-Principal,       
                   Dr. H.K Nath, Associate Professor.   
                   Dr. Pradip Das, Associate Professor.
                   Mr. Prasanta Sarma, HOD, Political Science.
                   Dr. Dipali Deka, Associate Professor, Department of Botany.
                   Dr. Tapan. Ch. Kalita, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology.
                   Mr. Birbol Boro, HOD, Geography.
                   Ms. Rajashree Borkakoty, Librarian.

Governing Body Representative:

                  Mr.Raheswar Rbha, Chairman, Governing Body

                  Minati Sarma, Member, Governing Body.

Alumni Representative:

                  Pranoy Kalita (Alumni)

NGO Representative:

                  Dr. Natyabir Das, MBBS.

Student Representative:

                 General Secretary, Dudhnoi College Students Union.

                 Vice-President, Dudhnoi College Students Union.

Annual Reports
AQAR 2009-10
AQAR 2010-11
AQAR 2011-12
AQAR 2012-13
AQAR 2013-14
AQAR 2014-15